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The School

The School...

The Institute "Sisto V Serale" (ID code RMRI02350R) is an Italian professional high school located in "Cecchina" street, number 20 - Rome ("Talenti" area, near the famous restaurant "Lo Zio D'America").

We provide evening courses dedicated to adults, who want to become Maintenance and Technical Assistance specialists or retrain themselves to work in these areas.

As part of the "Centro Provinciale per l'Istruzione degli Adulti" (CPIA), our title allows you to qualify to the release of the Conformity Certification L.37/08 (ex 46/90) and offers the possibility of access to various job opportunities.

The courses are developed on 3 years and every year is divided in 2 periods for the student assessment.

The lectures are structured in Italian language, so you need to have a basic knowledge of written and spoken Italian language to join; we can provide some reinforcement lessons for foreigner students on demand (it depends on the number of requests).

Lectures are scheduled on every weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 17:00 to 22:00.

For further information and requests please check the contact page.